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Finns Beach Club, Canggu, Bali

Finns Beach Club is among the finest relaxing facilities in the very heart of Bali, Canggu. Located just about 10 minutes from the luxury Seminyak, you’ll find the most opportune to have a slacking escape while enjoying a sip of Asian cocktail or soaking in its infinite pools. A large complex of sustainable bamboo building welcomes you with such geniality that leaves no tourists in boredom. Moved from its previous ‘hidden’ spot in Uluwatu, Finns Beach Club is now facing the famous Berawa beach in Canggu. This convenient location also means easy transportation and you can choose whether to explore the wild curl of the beach or stay in the sun for a restful afternoon.

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Finns Beach Club Facilities and Experience

Surf Bar

A cozy dining and lounging area are available with various facilities for an endless gateway. Finns Beach Club is home to 6 bars, including the surf bar where visitors can opt to get the best position to view the renowned Berawa surf break.

The surf bar is designed with a circular scheme so you can choose the prime spot to enjoy the oceanic view. Finns Beach Club is, more often than not, swarmed by visitors hanging out with their friends or meeting new colleagues in this surf bar. So, there is a high possibility for you to enjoy the panoramic sight while shaking a new hand and make new friends.

Lounge Bar

While some of you enjoy the crowd, some other may opt to go one level up towards the lounge bar. It offers a more relaxed atmosphere where tourists can enjoy an amazing beach view both at sunset and night amidst the cooling bamboo shield. The lounge bar is a non-smoking area that makes a perfect spot to hold a private party or event, and makes an even romantic place to spend with your significant other.

Not only that, but Finns Beach Club’s second level also consists of two bars. These bars are where you can hold a signature cocktail in hands while enjoying music from the resident’s DJs.

Pool Bar

If partying or jamming to the DJs is not your cup of tea, why not pull yourself and indulge in the cozy afternoon on Finns Club Beach’s pool bar.

On the west part, you will find a pool bar that offers a magnificent sunset viewing spot. This prime location is a favorite among tourists to spend their afternoon time-off. Simply soak in the water and have a little chit-and-chat with your friends will make the most enjoyable holiday.

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Swim-Up Bar

Some other tourists may want to stretch their muscle by swimming on its 30-meter infinity edge pool of its swim-up bar. It is, however, quite difficult when you decide to go there on a high season because the pool will be packed with visitors.

While soaking – or swimming – there’s no need to bring your own music to make the most of your fun retreat, because Finns Beach Club’s pool areas are rigged with underwater speakers. So, just relax, sip up your drink, and enjoy a cool tune of your favorite jam.

How to Get to Finns Beach Club

Location-wise, Finns Beach Club happens to be more accessible and gives its regulars an easy entrée from the main villas in Kuta and Seminyak. From Seminyak, this beach club is only 10 minutes away. Visitors are advised to bring A private vehicle or take a metered taxi there.

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Travel Tips

Since it moved from Seminyak, Finns Beach Club gets to attract the crowd easily. Traveling to this place, it is better to make an early reservation so you’ll be guaranteed a place. Summer is the best time to visit the place but don’t be too surprised when seeing many people gather around the pool bar because it is the best spot to enjoy the beach’s scenery while drinking. Coming in the afternoon can get you a moment to watch the beautiful sun sets in the west.

Other Things to Do in Finns Beach Club

Day Beds and Parasol

No tourists will find it tedium to spend nice daybreak or a lazy afternoon on a daybed. Finns Beach Club offers day beds and hammock that are subject to availability; the sooner you get there, the greater chance of getting the space. Visitors, however, are not allowed outside food and beverage.

The place offers single or double parasol-shaded beds with towels available for rent at Rp50.000 per day. Spending your time at the side of the beach means natural sunlight for your healthy tanned skin.

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Surfing and Sightseeing

One good thing about moving the location of Finns Beach Club from Uluwatu to Canggu is a more challenging location. We know that Berawa beach is among surfers’ priority list with excellent curls and amazing view. If your daring side is on the rise, there’s no need to hold back and challenge the wave with your surf board.

For those who tend to have a laid-back situation, watching those dauntless surfers breaking the waves is still a fun thing to do.

Dining Experience

You wouldn’t want to leave Finns Beach Club without satisfying your appetite through its exquisite dining experience. The open-air bamboo pavilion serves a signature Chenola cocktail for a refreshing starter to begin the meal. It is a combination of fresh lemon and passion fruit juice, a peach liqueur with the light-rum base. This single cocktail has the price of Rp120.000.

Moving on to fill your stomach, there is Finns’ signature braised lamb shank priced at Rp280.000. This large serve consists of slow-cooked lamb shank with cherry tomato, edamame, and risotto Milanese. If you are into Japanese cuisine, there is Finns Sushi Bar at the rear of the complex, serving beautifully-carved sushi with fresh seafood and high-quality products sourced daily.

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It’s always a pleasure to end the day with a sweet il dessert of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Whether you are looking for an escape plan or simply exploring the island, Finns Beach Club has everything good to offer.

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