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Gitgit Waterfall Bali – Enjoying the Beauty of the Twin Waterfall

Gitgit Waterfall Bali is one of the most recommended waterfalls in Bali. It is located in the old island capital Singaraja, 17 km from Singaraja city and about 70 km from Denpasar to the north. If you are looking for something different other than the typical sandy beaches and water sport activities in Bali, exploring this twin waterfall might be a great option.

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Trekking through a lesser explored region in Bali will allow you to have an exciting journey as you will be pampered with amazing sights and immersive nature sounds that promise a very soothing experience. That is what you will get if you go to Gitgit Waterfall.

This place can be a perfect place to share a picnic, take some of your time out to be quiet, do meditation, or just enjoy the fresh water by swimming in one of the pools below the falls. Need something more challenging? Try to do canyoning at the falls or going down on a rope for an entirely different approach of the waterfall.

The waterfall which was opened for public in 1975 can be easily accessed from the main road which connects Bedugul and Singaraja. It is also one of the natural tourist destinations which are usually included in the tour itineraries to Lovina Beach and Bali’s northern region.

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The trek to Gitgit waterfall is relatively easy. You don’t need to spend so much energy for a long walk or hike to get to the location like any other waterfall which is situated on a plateau. The trip takes only about one and a half kilometers. There is also a wooden boardwalk for visitors where a small gorge and cool streams flow beneath it.

Gitgit waterfall is situated in a high plateau area, about 300 meters above sea level, and surrounded by tropical trees. Fresh mountain water flows naturally from the 35-meters height waterfall during the year, with clearer water during the dry season. The water falls into a rocky pool where a small shrine stands to guard the site. Local people often call the waterfall as ‘twin falls’ or Air Terjun Kembar Gitgit, as the flow of the waterfall often split into two equal streams.

The plantation that protects the rainforest surrounding the waterfall gives you a calm and peaceful ambiance, but at the same time, allows you to experience the wilderness of the tropical forest. You might also see birds, and wild monkeys that are living freely in their habitat often come to the waterfall to get some water.

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Public Facilities at Gitgit Waterfall

The facilities in Gitgit Waterfall is pretty complete. It consists of a parking area, toilets, changing room, restaurant, and art shops. There is also a special place for visitors who’d like to take some rest while enjoying the beauty of Gitgit waterfall surrounding panoramas.

Adult visitors need to pay Rp10,000.00 for the entrance fee while children only need to pay Rp5,000.00 to enter the location. From the parking lot, you need to walk for around 450 meters through a cemented pathway to reach the waterfall location. Despite having an easy trek, the walks might be a bit tiresome. However, the clove and coffee plantation, as well as rice field that flank the pathway will reduce your weariness.

There are some hotels available for visitors who plan to spend the night near the waterfall location. They are mostly located near the Lovina beach which can be reached by car for around 30 minutes.

How to Go to Gitgit Waterfall Bali

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If you plan to arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you need to travel by car for around 2 hours to the north of Bali Island. You can rent a car or motorcycle to get to Gitgit waterfall. Sometimes, the rental service offers a driver service who also acts as a guide to help tourists knowing more about the places they want to visit. You might be able to relax and enjoy the journey having a guide who already knows where to go. For those who travel to Bali from Java Island, Gitgit Waterfall can be reached by 2 hours journey by car from Gilimanuk harbor.

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Travel Tips

  • The walk to Gitgit Waterfall is not too challenging. However, it is better to prepare physical body for the short walk. Use comfortable shoes and bring some clothes for changing if you plan to get wet in the water.
  • It is better to come early in the morning as the area is still quite and allow you to enjoy the amazing scenery without being disturbed.
  • When planning to buy souvenirs from the clothes and souvenirs stalls, try to negotiate as the initial prices are unjustifiably high.


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