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10 Best Beaches in Bali

Are you looking for best beaches in Bali? Here you go.

Bali is never spoilt! The Island of Gods is surrounded by beautiful beaches here and there that make no ordinary vacation for anyone come visiting. While most of you only familiar with the busy-as-a-bee Kuta or surf heaven Canggu, the island stores hundreds of beaches worth visiting.

Here are 10 best beaches in Bali that you must visit:

1. Seminyak Beach

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Located just on the outskirt of Kuta, Seminyak is the homes of luxury villas, resorts, and hotels – plus serene beaches. It’s the perfect place to escape from the hustle bustle of the city and enjoy a drink on the beach bar. Some popular activities among tourists are an afternoon walk on its powdery white sandy beach or soak up the sunshine on an exquisite mat amidst the tranquility. If you wish, try to learn surfing on its gentle whitewash curl.

2. Tulamben Beach

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Tulamben beach is a prime location for underwater sports enthusiasts where clear ocean water meets marine diversity. Tourists must go quite far to the eastern of Bali from Candidasa to Amed. This beach makes a quite gateway with exceptional diving activity to offer. Visitors are also often geared up to snorkeling and free diving in this area. If you’re not into physical activity, lay down a mat and catch up on your reading will help you spend the time nice and fine.

3. Sunday Beach Club

sunday beach club sundaysbeachclub.com

Whether you are expats living in Bali or just a regular explorer, visiting Sunday Beach Club is a great way to spend the time off. This is one of the best beaches in Bali. This place is just another Bali gem located in the southern part of the island offering its visitors with endless exclusiveness. Sunday Beach Club screams serene private beach with white sand and sparkling turquoise waters surrounding the offshore coral reef. It’s definitely the best place to dine and line on the beautiful sunset.

4. Blue Lagoon Beach

blue lagoon beachhiddenparadiseofbali.blogspot.co.id

Among the top beaches in Bali is Blue Lagoon. Located just across Gili Islands, Blue Lagoon is a small paradise surrounded by palm trees, which gives ideal shades of your relaxed time. It boasts a perfectly painted serene beach with white sand and crystal-clear sea water where its soft curl makes a great friend for snorkeling. Visiting this beach, you should definitely grab your diving equipment to explore the marine luxury. Tourists can also use most of their time sunbathing on its white sand or strolling down the shore.

5. Padang-Padang Beach

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There’s an absolutely fine reason of why Liz Gilbert put Padang-Padang beach on her favorite destination during her Bali stay in Eat, Pray, Love. It is a small bay located just north of Uluwatu, where the world-class wave is framed by striking rock creation. The best way to enjoy its natural beauty is in the morning, where you can thrust a sense of hope amidst the serenity during the dazzling, stunning natural sunrise glorious time – that’s before a pack of tourist storms in.

6. Lovina Beach

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Lovina beach is one of best beaches in Bali Indonesia with a renowned destination for its dolphin tour. However, your boat must fight with dozens of others to pick the perfect spot and wait for the dolphins to jump out of the water. The tour usually starts an hour before sunrise, and tourists will simply leave after watching the sea mammals. On its east part, fishing boats of the locals resting on the black volcanic sand will make perfect background photographs for your postcard.

7. Jimbaran Beach

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There’s no best place to enjoy a fine dining experience while witnessing the sun goes down on the west rather than at Jimbaran Bay. The beach is known for its night culinary tour or some beachfront barbecue for friends and family. At Jimbaran, tourists will be served the island’s best picks – fresh from the fishermen’s net – of fish and other local products. Be sure to have an enjoyable evening tasting a delicious large seafood platter while watching local Balinese dancers perform on the stage near the restaurant.

8. Kelating Beach

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If you wish for a quite escape, there’s no better place to head than Kelating beach. Located about half an hour from Tanah Lot, this beach offers ultimate tranquility where the afternoon is cooler, and the shore is calmer. When the tide is low, you can even climb the cliff and witness a more amazing view. On the western part of the beach, there’s even a secret bay to visit.

9. Gunung Payung Beach

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When you first look into famous Balinese postcard with beach and palm trees and everything, this is where they likely get the shot. Also famous for its name as the Secret beach, Gunung Payung offers an exquisite view of the island’s paradise, make it as one of 10 best beaches in Bali. This beach is a gem of Bali – a private spot hidden behind a steep track. The journey may tire you up, but the view will make all the effort worth spending.

10. Secret Point

secret point - one of best beaches in bali nusa ceningan nicetourbali.com

Located on the Nusa Ceningan – between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida – there lays Secret Point beach. The place is surrounded by headland; but behind that, just south-west coast of Nusa Ceningan is a small beach with white sand and lovely tide to surf. When the tide is low, the best option will be to chill under the sunlight.

There you have 10 best beaches in Bali. The island, despite a growing visitors and crowded places, is still beyond beautiful. So, take your pick, and come visit us in Bali.

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